This 8051 development board has an on board usb programmer which enables easy programming the chip.
Easy flashing using Bitsforge 8051 programmer Software.
Compatible With AT89S52,AT89S51 40 pin ICs.
1. 8LED interface.
2. Alpha Numeric LCD interface .
3. 4x4 Matrix Keypad Interface .
4. EEPROM 24C02.
5. RTC DS1302.
6. Seven Segment Display on shift register 74HC595.
7. Stepper Motor interface using ULN2003.
8. Potentiometer for ADC 0804.
9. 14 pin Expansion Header
10. Onboard Buzzer
11. Tactile Switch on EXT interrupt PIN
12. 12V alternate power jack and connector
13. IR TX and TSOP RX
14. RS232 DB9 interface

The micro-controller has on-chip fringe devices. The 8051 is a 8-bit microcntroller planned by Intel. It was advanced for math and single Boolean operations. Its family MCS-51 incorporates 8031, 8051 and 8751 microcontrollers.

In spite of it’s moderately , the 8051 is a standout amongst the most mainstream microcontrollers being used today. Numerous subordinate microcontrollers have subsequent to been produced that are in view of and perfect with the 8051. In this way, the capacity to program a 8051 is an essential ability for any individual who arrangements to create items that will exploit microcontrollers.Following are some programs that will give you more knowledge about this 8051 microcontroller kit.

For knowing about registers and pindiagrams in AT89S52,check this pdf./AT89S52 DATASHEET

For knowing about how to use 8051 development kit,download this pdf/8051 USER MANUAL

For examples codes used in the kit refer/

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